What is a basal thermometer? – Frequently asked questions

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Long story short, a super sensitive and more accurate thermometer that is used to measure your body temperature variations, is called basal thermometer. It’s more advanced in technology, and is able to do certain tasks very well, such as sensing even little bit of temperature change immediately. It is very effective body temperature measurer for lots of different purposes, but mainly, for predicting ovaluation and proper preparation for pregnancy.

Best way of taking your daily basal body temperature (BBT)

Keeping record of your basal temperature is not very hard, but you need to follow certain rules to succeed in doing it. First, and the most important requirement is that first thing you do after opening your eyes, is measuring your body temperature with your basal thermometer. If you take basal temperature test later during the day, it will be inaccurate, because increased blood flow due to your activity will increase your temperature, and therefore thermometer will show false body temperature. So remember, first thing you do in the morning – measure your BBT, and do the same before going to sleep. Measuring and detecting your correct BBT is fairly exhausting process, because of all the precautions and even while being careful and cautious, you might have to wait for months to get your final results. Now, finally, when ovulation kicks in, you will notice a slight increase in your BBT. This is where having the best basal thermometer kicks in – regular thermometers, or faulty basal thermometers can’t detect these kind of small temperature changes in your body.  Using the basal thermometer, you can finally tell which your ovulation days are, and keep that information in mind while trying to get pregnant with your husband.

Best Place to buy basal thermometers?

Regular products like these are not very hard to find, but buying good basal thermometer is really a struggle. You can browse amazon, and find which basal thermometers are rated the best, but that is quick and hands off approach. You can also go to local store and ask for recommendation by someone who is experienced. But on the other hand, they don’t cost much, so the only thing you lose by choosing the bad basal thermometer is time. And they are really useful – not only for pregnancy, but as a regular way to measure your BBT. Basal thermometers are much faster in measuring body temperatures, and they are very precise in measuring it. There are some advanced Basal thermometers that come with custom features, such as saving data or beeping sound, and many other cool features, and there are also cheap and simple products. Obviously, best basal thermometers with more possibilities are more expensive, but compared to other high tech products, still affordable.

How to tell when you have ovulation?
After measuring it, you can either write down or have basal thermometer save the data for you. Average temperature before ovulation is 97 degrees. During ovulation, your Basal body temperature will raise by 1 or 1.5 degrees, so that’s how you know when you have ovulation going on.

Best gifts to give to mother of twins

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If your good friend is expecting or just had twins, you should definitely prepare to help her to make her life easier however you can. The most primitive and easy way to do that is by giving her a convenient and useful gadget or any other product, that will help her life everyday. For example, if she’s planning on getting back to work soon after giving birth, it’s smart to get a really good baby monitor for her, so she can connect and be close with her baby even when she’s far away. Baby monitors usually start from hundred dollars, which can be way over budget for some people. If you are concerned about the money, think about giving her the best diaper bag for twins. But you have to be careful and choose twins’ diaper bag carefully, because there are many products that are too small and insufficient for two babies. The diaper bag you give her should also be compatible to be used with double stroller, which by the way, is another great gift you can get for her. Double stroller is not a good option for someone with tight budget, though. There are some double strollers that are fairly cheap, but it’s better to think of some other gifts to give instead.

Baby carrier is also a good idea, but instead of regular one, you should get twin baby carrier, which can be used to carry both babies at a time. It’s very convenient for moms and dads, because carrying two babies in two different carriers can get pretty confusing and exhausting. And they can be used in the house as well! Sometimes, you have something urgent to do and holding the baby is holding you back from doing it. Well, if you give your friend a twin carrier, that will no longer be an issue.

Other than these, there are few other gifts for twins that you can get. Matching onesies, for example, are very cute and i couldn’t think of a reason why your friend wouldn’t like that. There are few products that sell boy and girl, girl and girl, boy and boy pairs of onesies for twins. These are one of my favorite gifts for baby shower, because they are cute, affordable and outstanding.

If you want to take more humorous and relaxing approach, try gag gifts such as funny/cute mugs that say funny or cute quotes about babies, twins or mother. You can come up with ideas for these by doing a little research on internet, there are tons of great materials on motherhood communities and forums.

But mostly, you have to carefully listen until future mom spills out what she would like to get as a gift the most. I have given my friends onesies and double stroller, and both of them loved it. The last recommendation – make sure gift is something that a mother of twins would really need.

How to handle your baby having diaper rash?

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Diaper rash is usually on account of a number of of the next causes.
Your skin could possibly be irritated as a result of scents, dramas, or dyes in diapers. Baby may also be sensitive to baby washes, or clothing, baby wipes. If you’ve tried a new merchandise and recognize your skin that is baby’s is irritated or recently changed manufacturers, your infant could possibly be experiencing an allergic reaction.
If your infant is taking antibiotics, this could eliminate unwanted organisms in addition to “good” bacteria. Fungus can start to grow exceedingly because of this. If you’re breast feeding and getting antibiotics, your infant can be at higher risk for diaper rash.
Diaper rashes that won’t disappear completely tend to be the consequence of a candidiasis. Your baby’s diaper is just a hot, humid area that naturally attracts fungus that will result in disease. The infection candidiasis (the medical phrase for yeast) is actually a typical culprit for producing diaper rash. Skin appears reddened in the edges with red dots or lumps.
Water, water, and acidity from urine also can cause diaper rash. This really is particularly true in case your child is currently experiencing diarrhea that leaves them using a regularly soaked diaper.
Diaper rash can make your child increasingly vulnerable to diaper changes. When you’re cleaning their skin your infant may become fussy and cry.
You can also take steps at home while prescription solutions take effect, to treat your baby’s diaper rash. Try these suggestions for at-home solutions.
Where your baby doesn’t use a diaper to permit your baby’s skin to air out routine schedules through the day and become dry. You might hook them up to cushion that is washable or a waterproof for 10-second time-periods to permit skin oxygen exposure that is better.
Also- restricted diapers may preserve humidity nearer to your skin. You’re able to minimize water and irritation to the existing diaper rash by quickly going up a dimension in diapers. You may also must change your baby’s diaper during the night to preserve excess humidity away.
Inquire further if using a protectant may help your child in case your physician does suggest a special topical lotion. From sticking with the medicated cream this may preserve your baby’s diaper. But this isn’t suggested for several infants as the petroleum jelly could affect the skin’s power to oxygen out.